Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP)


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Atkinson Road Primary Academy ARP

At Atkinson Road Primary Academy, we are proud to have an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) which we manage on behalf of the Local Authority. This specialist unit is for a maximum of sixteen children with specific Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

A request for a place is made by the pupil’s school on the recommendation of the DLD team. Placement will be subject to a decision made by the local authority who assess pupil need and follow a strict set of admission criteria. Children from our academy do not have any greater chance of receiving a place than children from other schools.

Within our ARP, we employ specialist teachers with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed and Speech and Language Therapists. We specifically cater for children with special educational needs who require a higher level of support than can typically be provided in a mainstream school, but who can access, and make progress within, a mainstream learning environment, given the right level of support.  

The ARP at Atkinson Road Academy, strives to help every child to make progress and this is achieved by putting individualised plans in place. Our specialist teachers and support staff work alongside our speech and language therapists who work together to assess, plan and deliver appropriate targets for each child.

ARP staff receive the same training and support as all academy staff so they remain up-to-date in their understanding of teaching, learning and curriculum development. They are highly valued and fully integrated into our staff team, playing an active part in school life beyond the ARP.