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Laidlaw Schools Trust

Atkinson Road Primary Academy is a member of the Laidlaw Schools Trust - a growing family of schools in the North East that aims to transform the lives of children and communities through inspirational education.

About Laidlaw Schools Trust

Laidlaw Schools Trust was founded in 2008 to provide inspirational education to secondary school pupils in Newcastle.

We now provide inspirational education at nine nursery, primary and secondary academies in Newcastle, Sunderland and Sedgefield, and are set to grow further.

Read more about our academiesWe ensure that every child shines, irrespective of background or presumed ability.

From their very first day to their graduation ceremonies, we fill the heads, hearts and hands of our pupils, so they leave us with the qualifications, personal qualities and aspirations to succeed, whatever the future holds.

Our excellent SATs, GCSE and A level results show the effectiveness of the Trust’s focus on qualifications, and the high standards of teaching and learning across all our schools.

But education is about so much more than academic excellence. It matters that our pupils are physically healthy, mentally robust, ethically resilient, digitally savvy and have the skills and attributes that “future proof” them for a changing world.

Sponsored by the Laidlaw Foundation

The Laidlaw Schools Trust is generously supported by the Laidlaw Foundation.

Thanks to the Laidlaw Foundation, we can provide extra funding to every pupil in every one of our schools. It means that our pupils can enjoy:

  • Healthy, tasty subsidised food from professional chefs
  • Music lessons and access to a wide variety of instruments
  • Smaller classes sizes
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • Art, dance and theatre
  • Chromebooks for pupils, and state-of-the-art classroom technology
  • Digital learning and access to the latest education apps
  • Cultural visits, excursions and so much more
  • School uniforms for disadvantaged children
  • Expanded, state-of-the-art libraries
  • Summer schools
  • Extra meals for vulnerable children during holidays
  • A new arrivals programme for international students
  • New buildings
  • Special Education Needs support
  • Additional welfare support staff
  • Additional exam preparation including 1:1 tutoring
  • Teaching and leadership training for LST staff to ensure the highest standards of classroom teaching

Educational Philosophy

The Laidlaw Schools Trust educational philosophy underpins everything we do, inside and outside of the classroom.


We want all our pupils to believe that they can do great things. They can reach for the skies and solve the world’s most intractable problems. We are ambitious. We can do hard things.


We believe that no child is ordinary. We celebrate differences, and provide individual support inside and outside of the classroom to help every pupil soar over the same high bar. We believe in the extraordinary.


We help pupils overcome barriers to achieve their full potential. We have high expectations of all of our young people, regardless of their background. We transform lives.


We ensure our pupils grow as independent and resilient citizens who are equipped with the skills they need for life and work. We build skills for life.