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Atkinson Road in the Community

TITLES 501 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 43We have poverty proofed our school, so we don’t endorse activities which require unnecessary spend e.g. World Book Day costumes or birthday cakes, rather we find free alternatives such as face painting.


1 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 44We have a diverse and vibrant community and ensure we have a rich curriculum that reflects this. We celebrate all religious festivals and cultures, so our families feel comfortable and welcome.


1 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 45We provide drop-in parent workshops to support young, single mums who may be struggling emotionally or financially. These include advice on budgeting, healthy eating, and positive parent techniques.


1 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 46We offer free additional hours so that parents and carers can work to improve the quality of life for their children.


1 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 47We offer children opportunities to close gaps in cultural capital so they can succeed. We give out free books and supporting workshops so families understand the value of reading as an essential lifelong skill which will lead to success.


1 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 48For those living in flats with no outdoor family space, our large, well-resourced outdoor areas and Forest School experiences are really valuable.


1 7 IN THE COMMUNITY 49We work with linked agencies to support families who may be affected by issues such as long term physical and mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, or crime. We reassure parents and listen to their needs so they can become more confident and aspirational for their children.




We link with businesses to provide free white goods and furniture if needed


We provide free water bottles, food and clothing


We subsidise all uniform and school trips


We link up with west end foodbank