Student Council and House Captains

What do the School Council do?

The School Council takes part in lots of activities including:

  • Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils
  • Representing these concerns to teachers, Mrs Rowe and other adults
  • Coming up with ideas to help improve our school and make decisions
  • Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally
  • Fundraise for charities that are important to us
  • Hold meetings regularly throughout the year to discuss issues and opportunities

Student Council Representatives 2023 - 2024


House Captains

At Atkinson Road, we have four houses, Belsay, Cragside, Gibside and Wallington. All pupils belong to one of these four Houses. Each House is led by a House Captain and a Vice House Captain from year 6. 

House Captains need to be a good role model for their peers and be a member of the school who other pupils feel they respect, trust and talk to. A key role is one of responsibility that requires House Captains to be dedicated, organised and to set a positive example to all children throughout our school.

House captains have a good attitude, work hard, are resilient and encourage positive behaviour across the school. They are caring, honest organised and keen to support the whole school. They also look out for those who might need support and help those in need.

Responsibilities of being a House Captain at Atkinson Road:

  • Be an excellent role model to the members of your house and across the school by consistently following the school rules and behaviour to learning.
  • Take a leading role in helping to organise events such as house sports teams
  • Take/help with assemblies.
  • Help maintain behaviour standards across the school
  • Attend school events as an ambassador e.g. school open day
  • Collect and count the house points.
  • Wear their House Captains badge with pride.

House and Vice House Captains 2023 - 2024

Gibside House Captain: Tiana / Vice Captain: Luke

Cragside House Captain: Cellestina / Vice Captain: JJ

Belsay House Captain: Prince / Vice Captain: Mia

Wallington House Captain: Jordan / Vice Captain: Adelin