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Ethos & Values

ARPA   Portrait 3Our Vision 

Learning for Life; Being the Best I Can, Rests with Me.

Our vision is to create a positive and supportive environment for all pupils, without exception. We help to develop confident and responsible pupils, who are independent, happy and motivated to enjoy learning.

By modelling high expectations, our children become aspirational and learn to set a high bar for themselves. We ensure that they have access to a stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to meet their maximum potential and explore new interests to discover new strengths. We believe that our curriculum should open doors to new opportunities, ideas and experiences and, above all, promote curiosity and a thirst for lifelong learning.

When our children leave us at the end of Year 6, they have the knowledge and skills to equip them for the next stage of learning. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to enable our children to ‘know and do’. We have a strong focus on knowledge acquisition, including learning aimed at extending ‘cultural capital’ so our children can progress and thrive.

We are very proud to call ourselves the Atkinson Road Primary School family, treating each other with kindness, tolerance and understanding. Our children act as caring young citizens who are respectful of themselves and of all people regardless of differences in race, faith and culture.

Ethos & Values


A healthy balance between academic rigour and fun ensures our children grow into well-rounded global citizens with a life-long insatiable thirst for learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. We deliver a fun and exciting curriculum within which all children can take ownership to become independent thinkers.

Supported throughout their journey by a dedicated team of staff, our children grow into independent learners equipped with the attributes to achieve their high aspirations.


At Atkinson Road, trying hard and striving to improve is essential to all of our successes. We firmly believe that outstanding progress is the responsibility of the children as well as the staff. Our school motto reflects this, emphasising that the responsibility for being the best rests with each individual pupil.

Year on year, we have outstanding progress results, which are testament to our high expectations of children of all ability levels, our curriculum and our ability to teach. We pride ourselves on our successes, as do our pupils.

Our school promotes the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child: articles 3 and 29* (see below) are integrated into our school vision.

* Article 3 ‘The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all our actions.’ 

* Article 29 ‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own cultures, and the environment.’


Our children develop into happy, successful young people with ambition and self-belief. We have a culture of kindness, respect and excellence. In our school, the gifts and talents of all our children are enthusiastically and creatively explored. Our children develop the skills of determination, collaboration, problem-solving and teamwork. We are committed to giving our pupils a voice in making key decisions about the school and their education.

We believe that everyone has the fundamental right to autonomy and freedom in their learning. We are very proud of our inclusive, diverse community and place high value on developing each child’s communication skills. We care about all the people and children in our school and take time to find out about their uniqueness.