At Atkinson Road Primary we believe that Geography stimulates curiosity and imagination, and we aim to build upon each child’s unique “personal geography” by developing geographical skills, understanding and knowledge through studying places and themes through a creative and engaging curriculum. Geography is a valued part of the curriculum as it provides a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. 

Geography explores the relationship between the Earth and its people and is also a key subject that can enable us to develop the ‘cultural capital’ of the children in our school. We feel our curriculum brings the wider world to our children, teaching them valuable and transferable life skills which might otherwise not become part of their everyday life experiences. We also feel our Geography curriculum broadens our children’s interest in a wide variety of key concepts and themes which will support them in making valuable career decisions in the future.

Geography Curriculum OverviewGeography-Concept-Skills

Cycle of Geography Fieldwork