ARPA 27Teaching Maths for mastery is a transformational approach to Maths teaching which stems from high-performing Asian nations, such as Singapore. When taught to master Maths, children develop their mathematical fluency without resorting to rote learning and are able to solve non-routine Maths problems without having to memorise procedures. At Atkinson Road, we have invested in the Singapore Maths scheme – Maths No Problem.

Maths No Problem at a Glance

  • An evidence-based approach to teaching Maths
  • Helps pupils develop a deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of Maths
  • An inclusive approach where all children achieve
  • Slower pace which results in greater progress
  • Reflected in the 2014 English national curriculum for Mathematics
  • Endorsed by the Department for Education, NCETM and OFSTED

When teaching Maths for mastery, the whole class moves through topics at broadlyAtkinson Rd 20488 the same pace. Each topic is studied in-depth and the teacher does not move to the next stage until all children demonstrate that they have a secure understanding of mathematical concepts.

Pupils are given time to think deeply about Maths and really understand concepts at a relational level rather than as a set of rules or procedures. This slower pace leads to greater progress because it ensures that students are secure in their understanding and teachers don’t need to revisit topics once they have been covered in depth.

In a traditional primary school Maths lesson, children are put in different groups and given different content based on their anticipated ability. This means that from an early age children are classed as those who can and those who can’t “do Maths”. Teaching Maths for mastery is different because it offers all pupils access to the full Maths curriculum. This inclusive approach and its emphasis on promoting multiple methods of solving a problem builds self-confidence and resilience in pupils.  

Atkinson Rd 20547Though the whole class goes through the same content at the same pace, there is still plenty of opportunity for differentiation. Unlike the old model, where advanced learners are accelerated through new content, those pupils who grasp concepts quickly are challenged with rich and sophisticated problems within the topic developing depth of understanding. Those children who are not sufficiently fluent are provided additional support to consolidate their understanding before moving on. All children are encouraged to explain their thinking at different levels and frequently reflect upon methods that they have used therefore developing their reasoning skills.

ARPA Maths Curriculum Dowloads

KS1& KS2 Times Tables PlannerKS1 #prove it gridKS2 #prove it gridYear 1 long term plan 2022-23Year 2 long term plan 2022-23Year 3 long term plan 2022-23Year 4 long term plan 2022-23Year 5 long term plan 2022-23

Maths No Problem FAQs

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