June 2023

Dear parents/carers,

I am writing to inform you that the report from the recent Ofsted inspection is now available. 

As the Headteacher, I could not be prouder of all students and staff. It was so wonderful to see the results of all the work that has happened over the past five years, to establish such a strong and caring school be realised. Quite simply our teachers and children are incredible. Our journey together began in 2018 when I began an extensive renovation programme to improve the facilities and learning experience for our students. We then went on to completely review and change the whole curriculum. In doing so we created many specialist bases, including a new digital library, an art studio and a science room. I am fortunate to be able to complete regular learning walks around the school and I know that, regardless of an inspection visit, the quality of what is delivered right across the school is always of a high standard. I could not wish for a group of more dedicated and professional staff. I truly believe this Ofsted report shows how much progress has been made during this time; both students and staff and you as the wider community of parents and carers, should be rightly proud of what we have achieved together

The 3 Ofsted Inspectors were incredibly thorough across the two days in our school. They observed numerous sessions, spoke to multiple groups of staff and children from across the school, observed breaks, lunchtimes, lesson change overs and arrivals and departures from school; they spoke to the Trust and our Governors. They reviewed hundreds of pages of evidence, student work and the school website, they took surveys from staff, parents and students. It certainly felt like a thorough investigation of the school, with no stone left unturned. So, the extremely positive comments throughout the report about all aspects of school life are well deserved and have attracted praise from the highest levels. The ‘OUTSTANDING GRADE,’ for all that we do to support the ‘Personal Development’ of our children, reflects a strong and detailed strategic plan and high investment.

Moving forward, we won’t relax our efforts to improve, but will of course press ahead, to develop our amazing school further.  But, for a day or two, our whole school community should take a moment to pause and reflect on these achievements and the generous words of the Ofsted report. My warmest congratulations to all.

To view our academy Ofsted page please click here.

If you would like to tell Ofsted what you think about our academy, please use Ofsted Parent View.

With thanks and very best wishes,

Mrs. Macaulay

Head teacher