As you know a school uniform is an important part of belonging to a school. It helps pupils present themselves positively, gives them confidence to represent the school and promotes a strong sense of identity.

White polo shirts.

School navy sweat shirts and cardigans (with logo).

Dark grey or black formal trousers (no fashion trousers).

Dark grey or black formal skirts.

Blue, checked gingham dresses are optional and can be worn in the warmer weather.

Flat black sturdy school shoes.

Year 6 have a special uniform. They are given a maroon jumper and an Atkinson Road tie.

Reception children are given a free sweat shirt on entry.

Nursery children have different coloured sweatshirts (with school logo) to show which class they belong to.

Hair should be tidy – extreme styles or patterns, or large bows are not acceptable.

PE Kit:

PE kits are provided by the school free of charge and are regularly washed for all children.

Boys are given polo tops, shorts, tracksuits and P.E. bags. Girls are also given polo tops, tracksuits and P.E. bags but get skirts instead.


Reading bag

Valuable items should not be brought into school. We do not allow jewellery to be worn in school. The children are able to wear a watch.